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This stunning green dragon eye cuff is so eye catching it will have people talking.  The eye is hand paited on the reverse side of a flat backed glass cabachon, it is painted in such a way that it creates great depth and realism.
The wirework is done using different guages of silver wire, the base on which the ornate wirework patterning is made is done almost entirely on one single length of silver wire. There has been many hours of hard work put into this piece not to mention a few near misses at poking my eye out. The base cuff that the entire piece is built on can be squeezed together for a snug fit or eased apart for a looser fit or for people with a larger wrist. you will see from the photos that I have this cuff with a green eye but I can make sufferer colours but I will need time to create it for you. Please state which colour you require at CHECKOUT. This was based on a great tutorial by the very talented Yvonne Williams.If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for looking around my little shop and please keep browsing as I am always adding new items.

Dragon Eye Wirework Cuff

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